The Mistress of the Water
Hey welcome to my Gym. My name's Kasumi Mizuhima but you can call me Misty. I specialize in water pokemon, if you haven't figured that out. If you think you're so tough lets see what you got!

(An indie RP blog for Pokemon Gym Leader Misty. Make sure to look at the About and RP rules page.)


[あか と みどり]

How does Your Muse feel about my Muse?


☣- What on earth are you?

☠- I hope you die…

 ♛- You should just go away.

Ü- I don’t know how to feel.


†- Ya’ll need Jesus.

♥- I can’t live without you.

 ◕‿◕- Friends~

★- You are a star.

╰☆╮- I just want to fuck you.

☻- Add own.

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He didn’t really like flustering in front of people but it wasn’t too much for him to even handle, at least she didn’t go that far in teasing the poor champion.


he nodded at the girl’s quiestion, and walks to a nearby wall, then leans against it with his hands on his pockets. it was rather how he usually waits when he has nothing to do, it would have been nicer if this place has some kind of seat.

   The young woman liked teasing the other but wasn’t about to torture the poor guy. It was just a little fun and nice ice breaker once in a while when there is nothing to say.

   ”Thanks should be a second. So just stand around or something,” She piped as she goes to talk to her Gym trainers to make sure they knew she was gonna be gone for the day. Wouldn’t be very responsible to just up and leave now would it? After leaving a list of things for them to do and changing into more out doorsy attire she returned to seeing the other leaning against the wall.

   ”Sorry if I took to long, got to make sure they don’t mess up my gym and all. Any ideas of where we should hang out or can I make the plans? Been thinking about hanging out at the lake, oh! We could also go check out the stores also.” She was letting him decide, but was stongely hinting as what she wanted to do. Just in case he was interested.




[[ Hi everyone! I think I’m finally ready with Green’s personality again to start rping him again! So if you could reblog so I could find some other Pokemon rpers I’d love it so much! Thank you!]]


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Title:Girl Like That
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If you only have the muse to answer a certain thread, that’s ok with me.

If you only have the time/muse/energy to answer one thread a day and it’s not my day, that’s ok with me.

If you’re just in the mood for silly ask memes today, that’s ok with me.

We’re here to have fun.  Let’s not make it a chore.


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Outofwater; looking at this blog history to get a feel of the muse. While misty is easy going she is a very strict and responsible gym leader. Always making sure everything done by the book the exact opposite of her old Green. Who was never at the gym, ignored his duties and did unsavory things in free time.

Also apparently her Red had a crush on her and when young visited her a lot during his journey till champion thingy-


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